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The Gwythen Clay Mystery

A classic 1940s childrens' thriller
Michael Poole, illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop
Oxford University Press, London, 1940
Childrens | Soft Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

On an Ancient Mexican Head-piece, coated with Mosaic

An illustrated offprint from Archaeologia (1895)
Charles Hercules Read
The Society of Antiquaries, London, 1895
History | Hard Cover | First Editions

Archaeologia; Or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity

Three offprints in one: The Cross of Lothair, A Triptych at the Abbey of Stavelot, and The Abbey of Saint-Denis
The Society of Antiquaries, London, 1915
History | Hard Cover | First Editions

William Blake (Signed copy)

Signed by Peter Ackroyd
Peter Ackroyd
Sinclair Stevenson, London, 1995
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The Poetical Works of Walter Scott

c1864, in an attractive pressed leather binding
Walter Scott
Gall & Inglis, London, 1864
Poetry | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

The Price of the Ticket

James Baldwin's Collected Non-Fiction 1948–1985
James Baldwin
Michael Joseph, London, 1985
Essays | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Four John Lanchester signed first editions

The Debt to Pleasure, Mr Phillips, Fragrant Harbour, Family Romance
John Lanchester
Various, London, 1996
Collections | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Vlamgat (Signed copy)

Signed by Dick Lord, the story of the Mirage F1 in the South African Air Force
Dick Lord, foreword by Lt-Gen Willem Hechter
Covos-Day, South Africa, 2000
Military & War | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The Artist

with two George Baxter prints; being a Young Ladies' Instructor in Ornamental Painting, Drawing etc
B F Gandee, with two George Baxter prints
Chapman & Hall, London, 1835
Art | Hard Cover | First Editions

The War Inevitable

A 1908 addition to the library of Invasion Literature
Alan H Burgoyne
Francis Grififths, London, 1908
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions

The Crescent and the Cross

Romance and Realities of Eastern Travel—a reprint of Warbuton's 1844 Middle East travel classic
Eliot Warburton
Maclaren & Company, London, 1910
Travel & Exploration | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

Four title from the Daily Express Fiction Library

All in the trademark lurid dustwrappers...
Joseph Conrad. Thomas Burke, Hugh Walpole, and Gaston Leroux
Daily Express Fiction Library, London, 1938
Collections | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Catechism on Double Counterpoint and Fugue

with Illustrations and Examples from the Theoretical Works of Albrechtsberger, Reicha, Marpurg, Choron, Beethoven etc
James Alexander Hamilton
Robert Cocks & Co, London, 1836
Music | Hard Cover | First Editions

Country Bouquet

illustrated by S R Badmin
Phyllis Nicholson, drawings by S R Badmin
John Murray, London, 1947
Natural History | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Dunkirk Sportsmen

Memories of the sportsmen in the forces at Dunkirk and more...
Alec Adrian
Arthur H Stockwell, Ilfracombe, 1943
Sports & Hobbies | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The "Lettre de Cachet"

Short stories from Catherine Grace F Gore, one of the silver fork authors
C.H., pseud Catherine Grace Frances Gore
Digby, Long & Co, London, 1900
Fiction | Hard Cover | First thus

Murmurations of Love, Grief and Starlings

Julia Blackburn's poignant meditation in verse
Julia Blackburn, photographs by Andrew Smiley
Full Circle Editions, Ipswich, 2016
Poetry | Soft Cover

Military Intervention in Britain (Signed copy)

Signed by Anthony Babington
Anthony Babington
Routledge, London, 1990
History | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Reflexions sur la Typografie

Extracts from the preface of Bodini's Manual of Typography
Giambatista Bodoni
J Haumont, Paris, 1951
Crafts | Soft Cover | Limited Editions | First thus

Lewis Carroll, A Biography

Audiobook, unabridged on 16 cassettes
Morton N Cohen, read by David Case
Books on Tape, Newport Beach, 1998
Lewis Carroll | Hard Cover

A Nurse's War (Signed copy)

Signed by Brenda McBryde, her Second World War experiences
Brenda McBryde
The Hogarth Press, London, 1986
Autobiography & Biography | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | First thus

Regeneration trilogy (Signed copies)

Regeneration, The Eye in the Door & The Ghost Road, all signed by Pat Barker
Pat Barker
Penguin / Viking, London, 1992
Fiction | Soft Cover | Signed Copies

The Pilgrim's Progress

With twelve watercolours by William Blake
John Bunyan, illustrated by William Blake
The Heritage Press, New York, 1942
Religions, Beliefs & Spirituality | Hard Cover | First thus

A Million Died! (Signed copy)

Signed by Alfred Wagg, US war correspondent for the Far East
Alfred Wagg
Nicholson & Watson, London, 1943
Military & War | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

The Lewis Carroll Handbook

Lewis Carroll scholar Morton N Cohen's copy
Sidney Herbert Williams, and Falconer Madan, revised by Roger Lancelyn Green
Oxford University Press, London, 1962
Lewis Carroll | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper | Association Copy

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